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Sheltered workshops
Bartošovice v Orl.h.
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Pottery workshop
Weaving workshop
Wicker workshop

In 2006, the partial reconstruction of the building, funded by the European social fund's SROP programme was finished.

The opening day and celebration took place on 16/12/2006 when the workshops were open to the public so that more than 400 visitors could come to take a look.
The main purpose of the workshop is to employ the handicapped.

The pottery and the weaving workshops have been opened since 2/1/2007 and have employed 5 people each.
The wicker workshop has been opened since 5/5/2008 and has employed one person so far..

The products are for sale. The profits cover a part of our operating expenses. We offer the substitute performance.
Pottery workshop - modelling, ceramics casting and refining, glazing, potter's wheel...
Weaving workshop - wool scouring, combing and spinning on a spinning wheel, rug making, working with a loom...
Wicker workshop - creating various types of baskets out of osier and pedig.

Working Hours: Monday - Friday from 7.30 am to 4.00 pm.
Opening hours: when you can buy the products
Monday - Friday: 8.00 am - 3.00 pm.
Bank account: 30031-1242345399/0800
You can book a group visit also by e-mail. For 10 czech krones per visitor, you can see the traditional handwork demonstration.

On Easter and on Christmas, we hold the traditional faires. About 500-600 visitors come every time. People can also find our products on various festivals and events, we are invited to. We are very pleased to take part in these, if it is technically possible.

This year, we would like to receive enough money to repair the rest of the building, as we lack space in the current rooms. We would really like to employ those people, whose applications we have to refuse nowadays (due to the space-related problems).

Our products were awarded the Originální produkt certificate.

You can find photos of our products in "Katalog výrobků" gallery. Photos of the workrooms are located in "Fotogalerie or Chráněné dílny" section
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Tento projekt je spolufinancován Evropským sociálním fondem a státním rozpočtem České republiky.
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